GAIL Examination Preparation Tips

The GAIL written exam will comprise of Technical, General questions, Aptitude as well as Reasoning part. In fact, this can be considered to be the easiest part in the selection procedure. Different books such as R.S. Agarwal Aptitude and Reasoning will be of good help few of them. They can also refer to other competitive books for Generals. Since the questions will be quite tricky, candidates need to be quite honest when replying.

While coming to our GAIL Technical parts make a note of the following:

  • Health first i.e. Please first Take care of yourself a good physic always helps out you in long last studies.
  • Plan your work which means different people have different opinions on their study timings. Some feels yearly morning, some at night, and few in late night. So make a plan according to your wish.
  • Know your examiner you may be definitely know who is going to set question and prepare (here it’s none other than GAIL) according their level of expectations.

  • Give preference to the reality like try what you can and follow the same up to you get it. Don’t be like “Aim the star and shoot the moon” be like “Aim the moon and do shoot the moon”.

  • Get solving recent GAIL exam papers which may give some type of confidence and helps you to bring out your negatives and shortcomings!

  • Don’t waste your valuable time in thinking of the difficulties about the GAIL exam because whatever the difficulties it may, every GAIL question paper will comprises up to 50% of the questions which will be simple if you find out them.

One who follows all above may taste the sweetness of success!


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