Electrical Engineering Book and Study Material for GAIL

Hello My Dear GAIL Aspirants!

You have been very tired to get this Precious GAIL Electrical Engineering Study Material online. Just to make worth of your tiredness here we are providing you a very good and Reputed Study Materials which are followed by all major GAIL Coaching centers in the Country.

Most of you have been very well known to their GAIL Electrical Engineering Syllabus. It’s all about a very same syllabus as GATE with some additional General Ability and Mental Ability Test.

Here we have given you a brief and easy approach to the study materials required to face GAIL Exam in an easy way.

Name of the Subject
Author to be Followed
Electronic Devices & Circuits & Analog Electronics
Halkias Sedra & Smith
J.B. Gupta
Theory of Structures/ Analysis of Structure
Simon Haykins
Signal and System
Oppenheim and Willsky
Optical Fiber Communication
Satellite Communications
Pratt and Bostian
Monochrome and colour
R.R. Gulati
Control System
I.G. Nagrath & M. Gopal B.C. Kuo
Electro Magnetic Theory
N. N. Rao
Digital Electronics
M. Morris Mano 
Computer Engineering
Ramesh S. Gaonkar
Microwave Engineering
Network Theory
D. Roy Chaudhary
Electrical Engineering Material science
S.P. Seth
Measurement and Instrumentation
A. K. Sahney
Electrical Machine
PS Bhimra
Power System
Nagrath & Kothari 

The one who follows the above mentioned GAIL Electrical Engineering Study Materials will really have a great chance of getting into GAIL. Happy Learning!!!


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